It's fun!

Designed by an on-set costume stand-by. The wardrobe tag design keeps it traditional , just like the good ‘ol days!


Keywords makes notes entry fast and easy, select from the list or chose to use the keyboard for items not displayed in the keywords section.

Got your hands full on set?

iCostume has a built in voice record feature allowing you to make quick dictation notes on set. Play it back later when you are filling in the notes!

Duplicate Easy-peasy lemon squeezy!

Commonly used fields like Scene Number, Script Day, Episode Number and Scene Description can be duplicated to save you time filling in continuity sheets.
The entire note sections can be duplicated to a new sheet and individually edited by line.

All of your documents at a glance!

Import PDF Call Sheets , Scripts , Cast List , Unit List and Shooting Schedule. Copy and paste information from the Call Sheet directly to your continuity notes.

Scene Description Options

Choose what information is important for your records. Keep track of the story Day of Week, Date, and Year.


Get the big Picture, view images in the Photos section for a large clear view. Select your main photo for the print out using the selection button.

Need a Hardcopy

No problem! Create continuity print-outs directly from the app.

Print it, Share it, Save it.

Back up your iPad to iCloud and you are covered! Share Continuity Continuity records. Print, email or save them to iTunes all in the click of a button!